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play2earn NFT AAA PC game - open-world action adventure.


A game of the next generation. Based entirely on the famous AAA PC games. An experience in a cosmos consisting of all known projects from the Cosmos ecosystem.

In BIG BANG, you step into the role of your popular hero and solve real-time existing security issues from the Cosmos blockchain to ensure the safety of the entire cosmos.



The strongest in the entire cosmos. He has the most power and is immortal.

He can turn enemies into friends through his telepathic powers. He can fly faster than the light. He doesn't need weapons because his whole body is a weapon. His eyes shoot magma lightning. His voice is so loud that you can hear him throughout the cosmos. With his hands he can move everything and everyone - thanks to telekinesis. He can make himself invisible and move noisily. He can disassemble any element into its components and create new elements from them.


Ruler of resources

If anyone knows about mineral resources, it is him. the diversity of nature is his power. every world has its own rare mineral resources, over which he has power, no matter which. he was born in the depths of active volcanoes and no one else has so much power over gold, silver and crude oil. these elements are his weapon with which he makes everything more valuable and enriches worlds that lack these resources. he is the mentor of glamour, value and fossil fuels. he has already saved and enhanced numerous worlds. he supports the balance between being and not being.


Vigilant of the hearts

An extremely attentive imparator of his realm. nothing escapes him. he has sworn revenge for those who have broken his heart. his weapon is his bow whose arrows are made up of various powers. once he has weathered his opponent there is no escape - he bites down and uses his loud bark to make his opponents dizzy and unable to break. no matter what world he is in he uses the energetic environment to his advantage. other fellows of his species see him as a god-king.


The Guardian of the cosmos

His mysterious nature makes all his opponents freeze, so that his actions are unpredictable and incalculable. Whoever looks into his eye experiences an enormous loss of energy. His sword separates any kind of elements and his shield repels even the strongest weapons in the cosmos. He is a master of combat and can bring spaceships and vehicles under his control without the slightest diminution of his power. he is the guardian of the cosmos and therefore also the guardian of justice. if his friends are outnumbered in a fight, he appears and ensures justice.


The voice from beyond

She is the goddess of deception. No matter where she is, she always has the opportunity to use her powers. All rewards are distributed by her - be it a common nft, magic nft, epic nft or legendary nft - she is responsible for rewarding everyone. whoever stands in her way must reckon with losing certain nfts in case of defeat. She is present in the beyond as well as in the present and can acquire new abilities with her enormous power.


The Lord of Manipulation and Intimidation.

He can put his opponents in a trance through mind control and read and manipulate their thoughts - telepathy. Through the energy and power of the THC molecule, he can charge his energy and use it as a weapon to incapacitate his opponents. He can project himself from one place to another and make himself appear several times to confuse his opponents. He is able to communicate with all plants of the cosmos.


Leader of law enforcement & Chaser of the condemned

No one can track like he can. Nothing and no one can escape. No matter how long it takes, he finds everything and everyone. He embodies the law with all his pride and guards it by ensuring law and order. He is the best gunman in the entire cosmos and has even given names to his weapons. His Sherrif Star has powerful abilities and his people love him. His vehicle is his horse - his companion, which is tireless and the fastest animal ever to exist. It can see through objects and also into the future.

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