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play2earn NFT multiplayer arcade pinball


COSMIC TABLES is a play2earn and play2own NFT blockchain game which is powered by ELEMENTS OF COSMOS.

COSMIC TABLES is an arcade pinball game based on a NFT reward system through Web3.

This game offers what the classic pinball is all about, but with a big extra and that’s its reward system.

Players who achieve high scores and set new records will have the opportunity to participate in leagues to prove themselves among the best of the best.

Among the best of the best: The keyword of this genre… Very valuable and legendary EOC NFTs can be won as rewards, which can be used to improve levels or to trade on open markets or to collect them for future events!

Single player or multiplayer. Play solo to improve your skills and move on to P2P to prove your talent.

There will be 7 tables in total. For each of our heroes there will be one COSMIC TABLE, playable only if you have one of the EOC GDAO NFTs in your wallet.


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