An unprecedented arcade pinball experience


An unprecedented arcade pinball experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional gaming. In a groundbreaking move, EOC has pioneered the connection of arcade pinball with the revolutionary Web3 technology, marking a historic moment in the blockchain timeline.

This play-to-earn NFT single/multiplayer arcade pinball, known as COSMIC TABLES, embodies the essence of classic pinball while elevating the gaming experience through its innovative reward system. Players who attain remarkable scores and set new records will unlock the gateway to prestigious leagues, where they can showcase their skills and compete against the crème de la crème.

But what sets COSMIC TABLES apart from the rest is the chance to win coveted and legendary EOC NFTs as rewards. These valuable tokens can be utilized to enhance game levels, traded on open markets, or collected for future events. The fusion of classic pinball excitement with the allure of blockchain rewards creates an unparalleled gaming adventure.

Whether you choose to plunge yourself into a solo journey to refine your skills or engage in thrilling multiplayer showdowns to prove your talent, COSMIC TABLES offers a diverse and captivating gaming experience. Multiple tables, each representing a distinctive GDAO character, await players, accessible only to those with the esteemed EOC GDAO NFTs in their digital wallets.

Plunge yourself into a journey that not only redefines pinball but also rekindles the spirit of a bygone era in gaming history. COSMIC TABLES is set to transport you to a time when pinball games revolutionized the gaming world, promising an unforgettable and nostalgic adventure. 

Get ready to delve into that golden age of gaming

 – where skill meets reward, and every play counts. The cosmos awaits, and the thrill is about to unfold!

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